Surojit Sen (Orthopedicaly Handicapped Artisan):

Surojit since his childhood had been no more than a paraplegic ground-grazing street loiterer. Paraplegic implies both his lower limbs and from under his hips is numb and functionless. At home, he was made just literate by his mother who also died early. His family members mainly played up and even deprived him of his ancestral rights. He got into many kinds of trouble for joining odd groups to earn pocket money being associated with jobs of questionable grade – without any alternative but for living barely hand to mouth.

When he was just adult, Surojit was introduced in Silence. Since then Surojit has reached Silence strenuously maneuvering in his hand-pedaling Tri-cycle everyday, over the years accustomed himself as part of humanity. Soon he married, had a child and moved to a better apartment nearer to the Silence Factory. In fact he is among the oldest members of Silence. He is happy with his life and attends the Silence AGM.

Surojit had since childhood, been driven into the dark side of life, acquainted with wrong kind of people never imagining that love acceptance could come in his way and he may adopt a regular relaxed livelihood more readily. And now Silence has given him exposure into the mainstream of a civilian livelihood and brought about a difference in life.

Shambhu Majhi (Deaf & Speechless Artisan):

Born poorly laid next to local railway tracks, an insignificant world in awful slums and miserable shanties, Shambhu Majhi from his infantile had the hardest choice of luck that he would at all earn social respect and attention. The best Shambhu’s mother could do daily, was but to run from door to door and afford a sweepers job or transport garbage. She was not even “standard” as a servant. And thus, little Shambhu grew up. Perhaps he loved to play, perhaps he wanted to ask so many questions, but it turned out that Shambhu could neither hear nor speak. What greater challenge could be to poor Shambhu and his mother?

In Silence, Shambhu was initially involved in skills-training (Candle, Wood, Silk Screen, Incense, etc.) and finally absorbed within the Silence workforce with proper salary, provident funds, and all financial benefits. Under the same roof, Shambhu met Ms. Priyanka Khatun, a co-worker in the Silence workforce and they eventually married being backed by Silence counsel. Although hearing and speech impaired, husband and wife, their newborn is a completely normal offspring.

Swapan Sarkar (Deaf & Physiologically Handicapped Artisan):

Swapan Sarkar is old and grey-haired. He bends over his desk with his lean “bony” structure and minutely engages himself dipping his paintbrush now and then giving final-touches to the Greeting Cards under his purview. He simply loves making Greeting Cards and inventing new designs to be exported worldwide. Swapan Sarkar is Hearing and Speech Impaired, aged beneficiary artisan of Silence.

In his childhood, Swapan learnt some magic – somehow. He lived in spiteful shanties where hygiene or nourishment was farfetched. Though as a boy, he attracted people by his magic, yet being disabled and also far below the poverty line, he would barely live hand to mouth. Swapan paved his own way to the doorsteps of Silence. Here he underwent Skills-Training and became absorbed in the Painting Dept. owing to his talent in Greetings Card designs.

And one more thing. Swapan Sarkar can perform unusually interesting mime-shows. His topics in mime are very rare, though no one knows where he found them. He graduated from a reputed mime-academy in Kolkata with certificate of merit. In most occasions, especially during Fair Trade Days, Swapan is an inevitable performer the whole Silence gang would await breathlessly! And today, Swapan Sarkar believes Silence has given sustenance in his life helping avail a proper income to support a family of a loving wife with two normal children.