Silence gets its name being mostly a society of the deaf and voiceless. Silence is a non-profit organization which grooms
multiple physically challenged persons into mainstream of life with education, financial support, guidance, social acceptance
and inclusion.


The organization’s mission is: Socio-Economic development of multiple physically challenged persons and their placement and to become contributive members of the mainstream of society.

Awarded by the President of India

Market Place


Silence started in 1979 with 4 Deaf persons with no capital and today there are nearly 100 full-time artisans and staff of all kind of differently-able persons: Hearing & Speech Impaired (HI), Orthopedic Handicapped (OH), Blind (VI), and some are Mentally Challenged arriving from poor middle class and now on monthly salary supported by Provident Fund, Medical Facilities, Gratuity, and other added financial facilities.
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Silence is Certified Guaranteed Member of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).
A Silence Fair Trade Product thus signifies that Silence handmade high-quality products carry the sentiment being manufactured by physically challenged artisans who comply with Fair Trade rules of manufacture, quality and pricing.
Silence captures an international Fair Trade Market Network apart from many overseas retail outlets where buyers seek consciously – in order to expose boundless talent and in turn, augment livelihood and global provision of disadvantaged producers.